Pro Rescue Services provides the most experienced and qualified safety workers in Western Canada.

Pro Rescue Services was established by an experienced management team with vast safety and business experience.  We pride ourselves on being technical rescue experts and on being a customer focused business. Our senior management and team leaders are easy to reach, professional, responsive and collaborative.

With the right training and awareness, all injury related incidents can be avoided. Pro Rescue Services’ has expert instructors for all rescue techniques and protocols. If technical rescue teams are required, we can provide teams of current and former professional firefighters. If an incident does occur, it will be properly and immediately handled by our professional rescue teams whose expertise is responding to real life rescue situations. This will instill the confidence of all workers on site to focus directly on their task at hand.

Pro Rescue Services is a proven and experienced Indigenous business and is recognized by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business as a Certified Aboriginal Business.

The company believes in creating strong and mutually beneficial relationships with the communities it operates in and with its customers to enable them to provide the safest work experience possible for their workers.

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